Rev. Andrew Ware

Lay Leader:
Sydney Tabor

SPRC Chairperson:
Bette Moore

Council Chairperson:
Katrina Coggins

Trustee Chairperson:
Ken Sawyer

Chris Matson

Administrative Assistant:
Leslie Hines


4251 Driver Lane
Suffolk, Virginia 23435

(757) 538-8353


To be a visible church without walls; strengthening our local community
by connecting resources to needs through partnerships

Beech Grove UMC Vision

A Call to Community

Dear Beech Grove Community,

I pray this message finds you well, with God’s grace upon you and your loved ones. As your pastor, I want to share some thoughts that reflect where we are as a church and where God might be leading us. You might have heard about the General Conference of the United Methodist Church, and you might have heard discussions about decisions that were made there. It’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. Yet I believe that even amid the debates and disagreements, there is an opportunity for us to grow in faith and love as a community.

The General Conference is the voice of our denomination, setting the doctrinal direction and guiding principles for our journey together as United Methodists. At Beech Grove, we are part of this larger family, but we also have our own unique context and needs. While we may not always agree with every decision made at the denominational level, that does not mean we cannot live out our faith together in harmony and love. It’s my role as your pastor to help us navigate these waters, and it’s my privilege to walk alongside you as we do.

When we gather as Beech Grove, we’re not just following a set of guidelines—we are a community bound by our faith in Jesus Christ and our commitment to make disciples who transform the world. This shared mission is what unites us, even when we have differing opinions. In the days ahead, we may face some difficult conversations, but I believe we can get through them by focusing on what really matters: our shared love for God and each other.

I ask you to join me in a covenant to care for one another with Christian love, to respect each other’s journey, and to remember the vows made in our baptisms. I desire for Beech Grove to be a safe space for all, where everyone is welcomed, valued, and respected—no matter where their faith journey leads them. This is a promise I make to you, and it’s one I take seriously. Together, we can build a church that reflects God’s mercy, compassion, and grace.

As we move forward, I commit to listening to your questions and concerns, and I will do my best to provide guidance and support. When I don’t have all the answers, I will seek them with you, trusting that God is with us on this journey. Let’s walk this path together, knowing that Christ is our guide, and the Holy Spirit is our comfort.

We may grieve where there is division or pain in the broader church, but let’s also remember that we have the opportunity to be a light in our community, showing others what it means to live in God’s love. My prayer is that through our struggles and our triumphs, we will grow closer to God and to each other. May we find strength in God’s grace, mercy, and peace, and may we continue to strive for the perfect love that comes from our relationship with Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Andrew Ware
Pastor, Beech Grove United Methodist Church