Keith D. Moore, Pastor

A Welcome from Pastor Keith D. Moore
Welcome to a glimpse of our Beech Grove Church family located in Driver. Since arriving here the end of June, 2010, I am enjoying the opportunity to discover more about this community. This Beech Grove congregation is a compassionate, nurturing body of Christians who deeply care about one another and their community. We strive to seek our Lord's will and reflect Christian love to all people. This church's motto to live through is to "honor the past, serve the present, and build the future." We offer something for all ages, a varied music program, small group opportunities, a large scouting ministry and an opportunity for one to find his or her niche in the life of this church. There is an opportunity for all persons who desire to grow in the faith to be more effective followers of Jesus Christ. Beech Grove offers two worship services on Sundays at 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. The early service is an informal contemporary setting while the late service offers a traditionally blended setting. We are United Methodists who trace our heritage to John Wesley who encouraged persons to root themselves in scripture illuminated by tradition, reason, and experience. We seek to do this by trusting in God's love, recognizing God's forgiveness offered through Christ, and understanding the continual activity of God through the Holy Spirit. I am constantly encouraging people to live out their faith like a three-legged stool - maintain an individual prayer /devotional life, worship regularly, and be a part of a small group that helps to shape us as disciples of Jesus Christ. Values are important in the life of our Beech Grove Church family. We strive to live out the core Christian values of love, responsibility and compassion. These values form our welcoming nature to accept all people, respect people's uniqueness, and build each other up in the faith. We look forward to leading in ministry together within our diversity of gifts and rely on our common ground toward our unity in Christ. God holds the future, and I am blessed to be a part of it here in this community. Pastor Keith

My academic achievements include the following:

Associates Degree in Business Administration Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (finance concentration) Master of Divinity from Duke University Completion of 1 unit of Clinical Pastoral Evaluation Completion of my Elder's orders on June 22, 1992 Completion of the modules for the Beeson Institute for Advanced Church Leadership through Asbury Theological School Completion of General Board of Discipleship Institute of Planned Giving, Part 1 and 2
I strive to live out my spiritual life in everyday ordinary activities in a deeply rooted relationship to God and therefore to neighbor. Daily prayer and study are vital to my personal faith journey. My call to ministry was an experience spreading over several months until I reached the conclusion that God was leading me into the ministry. In the early stages I had difficulty accepting the idea of myself as a member of the clergy. I am sure that is why it took me so long to make this decision. I struggled with my call, trying to reject it until finally, I accepted. I feel my call to the ministry has been a continual experience. It is renewed over and over again. I am dedicated to mission education and have served on several mission trips. My wife and I had the privilege of leading Voices of Youth 2003. While many folks feel called to hands-on mission work, I believe my call is more toward mission education, thus opening doors of opportunity that may lead to mission trips, support of missionaries, a new appreciation of apportionments, and other mission experiences.
My wife and I are blessed to have shared over thirty years of marriage and look forward to many more. She is a professional musician who has been a blessing to whatever church I am serving. She also has many other gifts for furthering the mission of the church. We have a great working relationship. We enjoy traveling when time allows and her heath permits. Our favorite restaurant is the Lynnhaven Fish House when we are blessed with the opportunity to share it together. She is my joy as we share in the covenant of marriage. We are blessed with a son, daughter, son-in-law, and two wonderful grandchildren. Spending time with our children and grandchildren is very special.
When time allows, I enjoy playing chess and occasional fishing trips. Reading and research, other than the requirements of my occupation, are pleasurable. Certain sporting events are a source of pleasure and I am a big DUKE basketball fan. Traveling to see the beauty of other places is a blessing. I enjoy cooking out on the grill. I also enjoy getting together with family and friends.

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